Acupressure for Pregnancy and Labour

Acupressure for Pregnancy and Labour

Acupressure for Pregnancy and LabourLearn Relaxation and Pain Relief Techniques to help through pregnancy and labour. Classes are recommended during the third trimester from 30 weeks onwards.

The course will give a real boost of confidence in preparation for labour and the birth of your baby, and will provide many useful ways to enhance the body’s own ability to have a natural, efficient and successful labour.

The course is focused on teaching Fathers and Birth partners simple acupressure and massage techniques for relaxation and bonding during pregnancy and to support mother and baby leading up to and during birth. These include acupressure points to help support your body, and techniques to ease shoulder tension and back pain as well as ways to support you in different birth positions at each stage of birth.

Gentle exercises with a partner will also be shown to help ease leg and back ache and to encourage the baby’s optimal positioning for birth.

We will spend some time learning to quickly and easily find the points, learning how the mother can give feedback to enhance how the point is being used and learning different techniques for applying appropriate pressure.

Acupressure during late pregnancy and labour can make a significant and positive difference to the birthing experience.

Acupressure for Pregnancy and LabourCourse content:

The class will include:

Massage for relaxation and connection

Breathing Techniques

Antenatal Exercises

And Acupressure techniques and points for:

Pain relief to encourage natural labour

To help contractions get going in a slow or stop/start labour

To bring calm if the mother is anxious or fearful

To help boost energy levels during a long labour

Courses are run for couples in the comfort of your own home, over an evening of 3 hours or as a half day workshop. There will be plenty of time to teach how to find acupressure points confidently and with ease. With 2 teachers present there will always be lots of individual attention and feedback.

The Acupressure for Pregnancy and Labour Courses are run by Angela Bryan a Shiatsu Practitioner and experienced Doula registered with DoulaUK and Andrew Parfitt an Acupuncturist and Shiatsu Teacher.

Angela has been a Doula since 2006 and in this time has helped over 100 couples with their new babies. She qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 2012 and has a special interest in pregnancy shiatsu. Angela is registered with DoulaUK.

Shiatsu and Acupuncture Treatments:

Shiatsu and Acupuncture treatments are also available during pregnancy and can be particularly helpful during the last trimester and promoting or preparing the body for a natural labour