Five Good Reasons to practice Qigong

There are many good reasons for practicing qigong;

Qigong is more than an exercise, it is a dynamic meditation, mindfulness in motion. Repetition is the key but not the focus. The focus is conscious correction of three vital intentions, lengthening the spine, deepening the breath and clearing the mind. When all three  are correct the following situations may arise!

Good Health:

Prevention is always better than cure. It is generally accepted nowadays that regular exercise is beneficial to our health. Qigong gently increases our respiration and heart rate and increases muscle tone and strength. Qigong is also a form of mindfulness practice and benefits our mental as well as physical health.


Regular practice can make the body more supple and help prevent the aches and pains we tend to associated with the ageing process. Deeper breathing patterns will increase the supply of oxygen to the cells, aiding in recovery and metabolism and also to the brain.

Circling the Microcosmic orbit

Shibashi set 2 Poland 2010

Clarity of mind and Spiritual awareness:

Qigong takes our mental awareness to a more subtle level and increases our awareness to the spiritual aspect of our place in the universe a practice that can change our fundamental view of life


The healing power of Qigong is one of the main reasons many people practice regularly. Many people achieve very profound changes in their lives and health. Many people also find themselves with an increased ability to heal others. Qigong practices form the basis for self development practices in many forms of healing e.g. ShiatsuReiki

Freedom in life:

With taking responsibility for our own health we are able to restore the balance of our body if we occasionally feel below par or unwell and will find it easier to recover from serious illness, giving us freedom from long periods of suffering and more time to enjoy our lives