Sotai is a method for natural body alignment founded in Japan where its therapeutic benefits are well known.

Sotai is a highly effective system of simple exercises and techniques that equalise muscle tone and correct distortions in the posture. It can very effectively eliminate pain in the back, neck or shoulders, and release muscular stiffness or pain anywhere in the body. It is usually presented as a sequence of techniques that begin with the feet and finish at the neck, thus rebalancing the entire body. It can also be used to release blockages in the energy pathways or Meridians that flow throughout the body and are used extensively in Oriental Medicine. According to the principles of Sotai when the skeleton is out of balance or distorted the correct functioning of the body systems may also become compromised and so Sotai may also help to relieve a wide range of common problems and medical conditions.

The History of Sotai.

Sotai was developed in Japan in the mid 20th century by Keizo Hashimoto a Japanese medical doctor who developed the system from western physiotherapy techniques to help treat muscular aches and pains. Dr Hashimoto noticed that when his patients postural problems where corrected they also recovered from other long standing medical conditions.

The Principles of Sotai.

Sotai is a gentle yet effective healing method for neuromuscular re-education that promotes healing in the circulatory, nervous, endocrine and energetic systems by untangling deep subconscious muscular holding patterns. Sotai uses the body’s own natural healing powers to restore alignment whilst relieving stress and promoting optimum health.

Structural misalignment can cause pain and lead to malfunctioning of the organs. Sotai addresses this by gently correcting structural elements of the body including tight muscles and tendons, the vertebrae and joints. This gentle realignment eliminates any structural interference with the nervous and vascular systems. In Oriental medicine terms it stimulates the free flow of Qi or Ki.

Sotai techniques use gentle movement and are effortless and painless allowing the body to readjust itself unconsciously back into its natural position. Sotai treatments aim to create a symmetry of movement in the upper and lower limbs focussed on the pelvis, the central structure of alignment of the human body.

How long is a treatment?

A Sotai treatment typically lasts 1 hour, with the first treatment taking up to 30 minutes longer to allow for a complete evaluation of the individual’s needs.

It is possible to correct a bodily distortion and relieve an ongoing problem within a single treatment. However the human body will naturally return to bad postural habits that it may have held onto for a while and so more than one visit is usually required to create a lasting result.

Sotai Courses

Our courses are usually taught over one or two days. On the course you will learn the fundamental principles of movement that form the basis of Sotai technique and a routine involving 18 movements or exercises that systematically rebalance the body from head to foot.

You will also be shown how to adapt these principles to the main muscles and joints of the body.

Comprehensive course notes will be provided.

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