Health Benefits of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

The Health benefits of Tai Chi Shibashi Set One.

The Shibashi are a group of 18 individual Qigong exercises that are designed to spread and balance the Qi throughout the entire body. The exercises are therapeutic and can be used as a complementary treatment for a number of common ailments. There are many variations on the health benefits of individual exercises and below is my understanding of the use of individual exercises.

When practiced correctly the 18 moves spread Qi around the body benefitting all organs, meridians and systems thus maintaining health and homeostasis.

Commencing Move – Regulates respiration, slowing the rate of breathing. Helps to regulate and balance the blood pressure, it strengthens the function of the Kidney meridian, calming the nerves (Shen). It has a therapeutic action in the alleviation of arthritic pain, especially in the knees. Improves conditions related to the heart and liver and high blood pressure.

Broadening the Chest – Benefits those suffering from depression, insomnia and hypertension and relieving mental fatigue. When used in conjunction with “Commencement” it can be used to treat asthma.Improves conditions related to the heart, lungs and nervous system.

Painting a Rainbow – Regulates and balances blood pressure. Aids digestive system, calms gastric ulcers, alleviates shoulder and lumbar pain. Physically it relieves back painand may help to reduce fatty deposits around the waist.

Circling the Arms & Separating the Clouds – Strengthens the legs, stimulates the Kidneys and benefits the lungs. Strengthens the waist and legs and benefits those who suffer from dizziness, palpitations, anxiety, or shortness of breath. Relieves shoulder pain and boosts stamina.

Twisting waist and swinging arms – Benefits asthma and improves conditions related to the lungs. Relieves shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Alleviates arthritis of the shoulder or knee and muscular fatigue of the groin (illiopsoas, etc.).

Rowing a Boat – Strengthens the function of the digestive system and alleviates intestinal and gastric disorders. Helps relieve pain in the waist and legs. Increases mental clarity.

Lifting a Qi Ball – Particularly good for relieving stress and insomnia, it stimulates blood circulation and calms the Shen. May benefit the digestion. Improves conditions related to the kidney and increases spiritual energy.

Turning to gaze at the Moon – Balances blood pressure. Improves conditions related to the stomach and spleen and improves digestion, alleviates intestinal dysfunction, helps reduce fatty deposits around the waist. May help with weight loss.

Twisting Waist and Pushing Hands – Strengthens the function of the Spleen and Stomach and effectively treats ailments associated with them, this increases the circulation to the extremities. Helps digestion, strengthens waist and boosts stamina. Good for calming the mind (Yi), and treating pains in the waist and legs.

Wave hands like clouds – Aids digestive system/helps arthritis. Tonifies and accelerates the circulation of blood and Qi throughout the whole body. It is good for the treatment of lethargy, gastric ulcer, indigestion, and rheumatoid arthritis. Helps digestion, improves conditions related to the nervous system and increases spiritual energy.

Scooping from the Sea – Improves muscle relaxation. Increases strength and flexibility of the waist and thighs and relieves waist and leg pain. Helps to regulate the blood pressure, improve the circulation, and calm the Shen. Improves conditions related to the kidney and stomach, increases weight loss

Playing with Waves – This is a very good exercise for building the strength in the waist and thighs. Benefits the function of the Kidneys and alleviates high or low blood pressure, lethargy, and anxiety (Shen). Improves conditions related to spleen, liver and lungs and decreases the instances and severity of insomnia.

Flying dove spreads its wings – Dispels feelings of oppression in the chest. Good for opening up the chest, relieving strain & tightness in the chest. It is also a good treatment for indigestion, Liver, and gastric disorders.Improves conditions related to the heart, liver, lungs and nervous system.

Punching – Relieves mental stress and tension (particularly work related stress). It also strengthens Liver qi. Promotes all round strength. Increases lung capacity and improves conditions related to the lungs, nervous system and decreases the instances and severity of insomnia.

Flying like a Goose – Strengthens the function of the Kidney and Spleen, helping to regulate the blood pressure. Recommended for sufferers of kidney problems, low blood pressure, dizziness, and tinnitus. Relieves anxiety and headaches.

Spinning Wheels – Reduces stiffness, increases flexibility in the abdominal area and builds up strength. It can be used for treating low blood pressure, increases the flow of Blood and Qi thereby increasing vitality and restoring energy. Promotes blood circulation, boosts stamina, increases weight loss and relieves waist and leg pain.

Bouncing a Ball – Good for relieving mental tension (calms the Shen), anxiety, and insomnia. Balances left and right sides of the brain. Improves body coordination, decreases the instances and severity of insomnia and fatigue. Benefits the Gall Bladder

Pressing the palms – Good for regulating respiration and breathing and balancing the blood pressure. It strengthens the function of the Kidney, calms the nerves, can alleviate tinnitus and dizziness, and has a therapeutic effect on arthritis of the knee. Improves conditions related to the heart, stomach, high blood pressure and calms the mind.


Although it is possible to learn Qigong and Shibashi from the internet or a book it is advisable to find a qualified teacher before embarking on your journey. Whilst qigong exercises are very safe for all to practice it is always best to learn the correct way when you begin.

Please remember that qigong exercises should never be used in place of medical treatment without advice from your GP or medical practitioner.