Summer the Season of the Fire Element

Written on 25 Jun 2015

Fire is the Element of Summer, when the trees are full and bursting with ripening fruit and plants are heavy with blossom and the air is full of intoxicating fragrances. The Fire element is about reaching a peak or climax or the culmination of our dreams and so in our daily lives the heat and power inherent within Fire allows us to bring our work to fruition and for us to fulfill our desires.

The Fire element is a catalyst for change, both physical and emotional change, the strength of the Fire element depends very much upon the support of the elements preceding it in the Sheng or generating cycle, for it to fully manifest it requires all the potential stored and developed during the water cycle and then activated in spring whilst wood predominates.

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Fire is a powerful element and of all the elements Fire has the most Yang energy and as such is a symbol of energy and passion. People ruled by the fire element may have an intensely charming nature, dramatic expressions, and will often become the focal point of any group. They can be reckless and enthusiastic and their decisiveness will make them natural leaders however their strong Yang energy can often result in impatience, impulsiveness, anger, excessive ambition and burnout. A lack of fire will lead to coldness, lack of motivation, lethargy, restless emotions, and a highly impulsive nature or a sense of dullness.

When our Fire Element burns brightly within us our Shen or Spirit is more open to communication, not only with our own deep sense of who we are but also to the spirit of the people who surround us and with the Natural world. Ideas and feelings move between us more fluidly when we are relaxed and our Hearts radiate warmth and compassion, joy and love.


The Yang energy of the natural world reaches its peak during this time. It is a time of expansion, growth, lightness, activity and creativity, a season for warmth, love and intimacy, a season full of ripeness and maturity. Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors, feel the uplifting, stimulating and healing rays of the sun upon your skin, be creative fall in love, enjoy the warmth and intimacy that this season brings. It is the time of year to rise early with the sun, practice qigong or yoga, meditate, laugh, be playful and be full of joy But beware the destructive power of Fire and avoid excesses that heat and the powerful yang energy can bring.

Spending time in Nature can help to lift our spirits as the natural world is full of vibrant energy so spend as much time outdoors as possible. It’s a very good time to look at what brings you fulfilment in life and how it can transform you


In Balance the Fire Element can be: Fun and full of life. Fire types and laugh easily and have a wonderful sense of humour and they can be the life and soul of the party. With a love of conversation, Fire types make friends easily and can be optimistic and generous with both physically and emotionally. They will have be blessed with a magnetic charisma and are often wonderful public speakers

Out of Balance: Or if the Fire Element is prevented from expressing itself completely, a Fire Element type will lack these qualities and the fun seeking, extrovert humour can become introverted, stimulating conversation will become incoherent babble; generosity becomes selfishness and friendliness turns to flirtation, The enthusiastic nature of Fire becomes over excited and the personality can become grandiose.